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Nick Luca

Hacienda Brothers

Chris Connelly

Meg Lee Chin

Meg Lee Chin

Pander Brothers

Labels and artists that Mod Media has worked with over the years:

David Bromberg: Appleseed Records

Dirty Bourbon River Show

Vagabond Opera

George Cole and Eurocana

Tim Eriksen

Ami Saraiya and the Outcome


Low Cut Connie

Alex Vans and the Hideaway

The Wiyos, Two Man Gentlemen Band, The New Familiars, Christabel & The Jons, Fishtank Ensemble, Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade: Charisma Artists Agency

The Soul of John Black, Mary Flower, Eden Brent: Yellow Dog Records

Martin Bisi: Contraphonic Records

Eric Corne: Forty Below Records

Marianne Dissard

Michael Zapruder

Golden Arm Trio: Shamrock Records

3 Leg Torso: Meester Records

King Straggler

Wussy, Kenny Smith, Staggering Statistics, Viva La Foxx, Ampline, Cowslingers, The Not: Shake It Records:

Ego Plum & The Ebola Music Orchestra: Ebola Music Records

Pearlene: High & Dangerous Records

Spanic Boys: Cinaps Records

Andrew Collberg: My Old Records

The Lil' Hospital: Total Gaylord Records

The Weary Boys 

Josie Cotton: Scruffy Records

Stace England: Gnashville Sounds Records

Thomas Truax: Psycho Teddy Records

The Quags: Remote Listening Records

Bazza: Bobbin Shop Recordings

Nick Luca Trio: Panther Fact Records

Alien Crime Syndicate, Schoolyard Heroes: The Control Group

Billy Bacon & The Forbidden Pigs: Triple X Records/Swinesong Records

The Hacienda Brothers: Koch Records

Martin Atkins' Tour:Smart book, China Pop 2007, China Dub Soundsystem, The Damage Manual, Meg Lee Chin, Hellbent, Psychic TV, Jared Louche, Chris Connelly, Attrition, Not Breathing, Dead Voices on Air, TRS-80, two tributes to Ministry ("Another Prick in the Wall," "Wish You Were Queer"), "In Dub We Trust (tribute to the Dead Kennedys), the re-release of both Chemlab CDs, "Suture" (Chemlab rarities), "Opium Jukebox," the "Dr. Speedlove Presents" remixes compilations and a Pixies tribute CD featuring all Japanese bands.

The Ass Ponys, The Silos, Spanic Boys, 16 Horsepower, Red Star Belgrade, Botanica, Hadacol: Checkered Past Records

The Residents: East Side Digital Records

Howie B Presents "Suck it and See" (CD, DVD, and video) : Palm Pictures

Abby Travis: Educational Recordings

Uz Jsme Doma: Skoda Records

"Industrial Monk": Telarc Records

The Pander Bros: "Secret Broadcast" CD and comic book, "Suck it and See" DVD/video, "Triple X International" graphic novel

The Giraffes (ex Presidents of the United States Chris Ballew), Clodhopper (ex-American Music Club), Bebop and Destruction: My Own Planet Records

Rube Waddell: Vaccination Records:

Too Much Joy, Fuzzy Doodah: Sugar Fix Recordings

Asylum Street Spankers: Spanks-a-Lot Records

Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden, Danny Frankel, Crib, Nels Cline and Devin Sarno, Jen Wood, Beth Capper, Rod Poole, Solid Eye, Magic Pacer, Uphill Gardeners, The Centimeters, etc.: WIN Records

And additional projects for Schizophonic, Yeah It's Rock, Ivy, Cravedog and Cavity Search, as well as publicity for various theater, poetry and dance events and projects, including the National Poetry Slam, held in Portland, Oregon in 1997.

Asylum Street Spankers

Fishtank Ensemble

"The Amazing Oscar Micheaux" by Stace England & the Salt Kings

The Damage Manual

The Residents

Abby Travis

The Silos

Alien Crime Syndicate