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Dave Bromberg

Vagabond Opera

Martin Bisi

The Wiyos

Welcome, music maker, music lover or event planner to Mod Media Publicity and to the home page for Old Pueblo DJs. If you are interested in Mod Media, keep reading here; for information on Old Pueblo DJs, please click here.

Mod Media's business is the business of print and internet media and local and regional radio: national and regional magazines, daily newspapers, weeklies, trade publications, 'zines and and all web-based media. Mod Media specializes in tour press, but also promotes acts to the national media. Our chosen territory is the United States and Canada. The music we generally work with includes all sorts of contemporary rock and indie rock, roots/Americana/string band, industrial, avant garde/experimental and spoken word.

Mod Media is run out the Old Pueblo town of Tucson, AZ. Sitting here at my desk, I spend my days on the telephone and internet, making calls and sending e-mails messages around the world. My professional life is all about this: securing interviews, profiles, previews and CD reviews for artists that I'm working with, especially for those who are on tour. Typically, Mod Media has several acts on the road at a time. This is what I've been doing for many years now; it's a good thing that I like to talk on the phone.

Mod Media has evolved in the last few years to the point where now, after years of working as a publicist (see “History”), amassing experience and contacts, I'm now ready to share the wealth of knowledge with others. Perhaps it's a desire to move in new directions, perhaps it's my observation that consultants seem to attract the highest income with the least amount of work, but Mod Media has expanded into the area of consulting. I want to tell you how to do what I do, and I want to help you get started. To that end, Mod Media now offers a three-tired array of tools and advice to help the nascent publicist, band or small label get started in the field of music publicity (see “Product”).

Please look through the various parts of the website – the History, Artists, Links and What's Cooking to see what Mod Media is currently working on - and see if you feel that Mod Media or Old Pueblo DJs has something to offer you. If so, please contact me via telephone and 520-622-6313 or e-mail at

Yours in music and media, Carl Hanni/Mod Media