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Herein, a brief description of some of the services that Mod Media offers as a consultant to a fledgling publicist, label or act. Some of this would also be useful to an already established publicist or label that wants to expand their pool of press contacts.

Level one: direct consultation with Mod Media via phone and/or e-mail about your publicity needs; we will examine and critique any publicity materials you already have; and a printed starter package sent to you that offers numerous tips, insights and insider information on how to go about working a CD and/or tour. We can also assist in hooking you up with a fine company that manufactures and packages CDs for release. Cost: $300.00.

Level two: all of the above + actual, printed address labels for publications of your particular genre of music and/or needs as a touring act, all drawn out of Mod Media's 1,500+ strong press database; and contact information (phone and e-mail whenever possible) for all of those sent to you. Cost: $500.00.

Level three: an on-going relationship with Mod Media for touring acts. You have a tour and need press contact information? Let me have plenty of lead time (at least 6 weeks is preferable) and I'll send you printed address labels for all of the dailies and weeklies and such where you are playing, as well as contact information. Cost: negotiable depending on the number of tour dates.

Level four: is still in the works. Eventually we hope to be able to provide a full database of press contacts for those who want to purchase the whole enchilada, but that is still a ways off.

If you are interested in The Product or have any questions please e-mail me at