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Old Pueblo DJs

Old Pueblo DJs provides music and social ambiance for a wide variety of events, including receptions, mixers, public events, private parties, art openings, weddings, dance parties and more. The company is essentially me, your DJ Carl Hanni, but I also have access to other DJs in the Tucson area as needed. I'm fully stocked with gear, from turntables and CD players to a PA and a microphone; all I need is a place to plug in and I'm good to go.

In the last few years I've provided musical entertainment and atmosphere for numerous events in and around Tucson, including bi-monthly events at the Etherton Gallery, the annual Dillinger Days celebration downtown, the city-sponsored Downtown Halloween Family Night, events for MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts), the semi-annual Moctoberfest, Cyclovia, several annual BICAS Art Auctions, events for the Arizona International Film Festival and repeat gigs on the patio at Hotel Congress. I've spun records for Tucson Roller Derby, at the 17th St. Farmers Market and the big, annual record show in Club Congress. I've also done numerous weddings, fashion shows and private parties. My parter in crime, Kenny Stewart, and I do a monthly series that combines wine, magic and music, Saturnalia. For several years I did the weekly Scratchy Record Show, playing all vinyl, on Tuesday nights at the late, much lamented Red Room in The Grill in downtown Tucson. I can be heard on KXCI every Tuesday night from 10 to midnight, hosting "The New World."

As a DJ I strive for as much versatility as possible. I specialize in vintage and contemporary soul, funk, R&B and a wide variety of modern and vintage Latin music, but can cover a lot of other territory. All kinds of jazz, rock & roll from the 1950s, rock music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, reggae, blues, vintage country & western and pop are all covered. I also spin more modern electronic dance music and some vintage hip hop, although standard, dance club ready techno and house music are not our strong suit. I prefer to spin more down-tempo and mid-tempo, groove-based electronic music than high energy club music. I also like to mix in international musics, blending in Mexican and other Latin, Indian and other Asian and North African and other Middle Eastern grooves whenever possible. We always match the music to the setting and the event, not the other way around.

I play lots of records—good, old fashioned vinyl. In fact, I'm known largely as a vinyl DJ, although I play CDs, as well. What I don't do is use a lap-top or Ipod. So, what you get is an actual disc jockey, spinning records, not a computerized version of a DJ. This may be more labor intensive than lap-top DJing, but it's also one of the things that separates what I do from what many other DJs are doing.

If you re interested, please contact me at 520-390-6219, or